Apogee Corporation Ltd is a leading UK digital office solutions specialists. Our proven track record in the design, implementation and ongoing support has led to some of the most innovative digital workflow solutions in the marketplace today.


Starting with our unique “blank canvas” approach Apogee Corporation always takes the time to understand how your business works. We appreciate that every organisation is unique; an ideal solution for one may be entirely unsuited to another. This understanding allows our expert team to combine the most appropriate equipment with tailored software, ensuring the final solution exactly fits your needs . . . with a few additional features to boot.


Having established long term partnerships with some of the UK’s leading businesses, including a large FTSE 100 accountancy firm, the leading UK dairy producer, the UK’s largest holiday specialist, a well known UK charity and a London borough council, Apogee have a wealth of experience in a variety or industries. This supports our bold, yet achievable, assertion of being able to improve your organisations productivity, whilst lowering your overall document production costs. Apogee Corporation has office locations through out the UK and offer full nationwide service cover.


In the confusing world of the technological office, Apogee Corporation offers an all-encompassing, tailored solution. Our packages include digital document devices, software, workflow and telecoms & IT infrastructure which together form the communication channels within a business. All of this is supported by a single business solutions partner. As our tag line suggests, it really is  “The Digital Office Made Simple”.


More recently, Apogee Corporation Ltd has expanded our sales avenues to Internet-based retail including the highly successful UK websites Top4Office.co.uk, Top4Office.com, DigiPro.co.uk and DigitalOfficeWorld.com These new online stores offer a wide range of digital office equipment, photocopiers, printers and fax machines from our partners Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba & Xerox.

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