Apogee Scholar, Frazier Christie, Is Training Hard For Success In 2014 and Beyond

Frazier Christie Rowing on the River

At 20 years of age, Frazier Christie has 2 more years to make his mark in the U23s as part of GB Rowing Team ‘START’ Programme.  His immediate goal is to be winning medals at the Under-23 World Championships in the next 2 years.

He was awarded an Apogee Rowing Scholarship at the beginning of 2013.  He says, “I would like to say a massive thank you for the decision to select me as one of the four recipients of the Apogee Scholarships to help support my rowing career in 2013. I am delighted that Apogee has recognised my dedication to my sport, and it means a lot to me to know that the hard work that I am putting in is being backed by a Corporation like Apogee, that holds the same values, in terms of work ethic, that I aim to bring to my training each day”.

He goes on to say, “For many Henley Royal Regatta marks the end of the season in 2013, but for us it is the beginning of the 2014 season. We are back in the gym and on the water working harder than ever with big performances in the coming season in mind. The first steps on the road to U23 selection next season are the British Rowing Championships in October and GB Long Distance Trials in November. I’ve been doing a lot of technical work on the water, an area that Dan Harris, my coach through the ‘START’ Programme, and I have identified as somewhere we can make big improvements on and I am confident that this will produce a big result in November.

Once again, I am incredibly grateful for the support from Apogee Corporation, the scholarship helps me to be able to keep my head above water as I attempt to support myself as an athlete. I am sure the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ that I am able to achieve with the funding will help me to perform at the highest level in the coming year”.

We, at Apogee Corporation, wish him every success with his training.

Frazier Christie Rowing Machine Workout in Gym